About Us


Founded in 2018, the Center City Chamber Orchestra (CCCO) is a vibrant young ensemble in the musical life of Philadelphia. We see the role of an orchestra in its surrounding community as a place of accessible, mutually beneficial gathering—eliminating preconceived notions about how an orchestral concert has to function and what conventions are followed. We play music for the purpose of telling a story, in venues we choose for acoustical and functional efficacy, building bridges through community partnerships, and connecting with our audiences through the removal of traditional barriers.

The CCCO has recently performed at Old First United Church of Christ (4th & Race), Trinity Memorial Church (22nd & Spruce), Philadelphia Ethical Society (Rittenhouse Square), Settlement Music School (4th & Queen), and served as the Ensemble-in-Residence at St. Mary's Episcopal Church (40th & Locust) in 2022.

Center City Chamber Orchestra is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


“ENSEMBLE” means “TOGETHER” and that includes the people on stage, everyone in the building, and the surrounding community. The core purpose of every concert is to do something for the sake of our city and each other through collaboration with a diverse array of local artists. Our personnel and audience represents the entire city. At the core of our orchestra, we are proudly Philly-born and raised; as individuals, thinkers, and performers and we wear it proudly every time we come on stage. We would love to see you at a concert soon—pay what you wish, come as you are, wear what you like, and be yourself. Whether you are steeped in orchestral tradition or know nothing about it, you have a place in our audience.


Music is innate and built from feelings we all share. Every CCCO program is driven by narrative, emotional exploration, and the contexts for playing any piece alongside another. Music exists on an unbroken continuum—from Gregorian Chant to Sergei Rachmaninoff to that band you heard years ago whose name you forgot but song you remember, music mirrors the totality of human experience. Our love of music and drive to work is fueled in two ways—by the pursuit of honest, indispensable enlivenment of the music in front of us; and moving the ENSEMBLE to feel something—the physical and emotional energy of live performance at close proximity—and leave the concert with new perspective.

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